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Our History

Trust Education came together when an entrepreneur had a vision to create a bridge between young potential learners and the best available educational opportunities around the world. Trust stands tall after a series of hits and trials to find the best study route for potential youths willing to study abroad. The Trust Education Foundation was founded and officially registered in 2014 and has proudly been successful in directing the students towards recognizing their best potential with the help of its best counseling team.

TEF promotes world-class education in European countries, including the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Unlike other education consulting platforms, the uniqueness of TEF is reflected in the choice of non-commercialized Northern European countries proven to be very reliable with top-ranked universities and globally recognized degrees. Trust and its team of counselors have always been focused on identifying the skills and hidden potentials of students and helping them find the best destination country, university, and study courses that will uplift them in the long run.

Trust truly believes that it has the utmost experience in finding the right balance between the demand of the educational market and the best interests of students. Working with the same vision all the way from 2014 to this date, the company has been successful in securing the educational futures of at least 200 Nepali and South Asian students each year.

Furthermore, Trust has been giving students an experience of the entire process, from figuring out their best pathways through career counseling to reaching their destination country and everything in between. The company has also initiated test preparation classes, an admission application review system, students’ assessment services, and mandatory pre-departure orientation classes for the students who have dreamed of getting higher education in European institutions.

The company has amplified its business direction by forming an authorized student enrollment partner for international institutions that wish to enroll students in and out of  Nepal. Trust has been and will continue to work with its strong vision to bridge the gap between international education institutions and students seeking higher education abroad.