Studying in the UK offers world-class education, diverse cultural experiences, and opportunities for career development. With top universities and a vibrant student life, it's an attractive destination for international students.

Earn While You Learn

The UK is your cue if you are looking for a country with excellent education and a very high standard of living. The benefit of going to London as an international student to pursue higher education is that you can earn while you learn! The living cost of international students outside of EU/EEA countries inside the city of London is £1350, and outside of London it is £1050, which is not very less. Managing this cost for a student in a foreign land can become a hassle if they depend only on pre-existing funds.

While scholarships are a great way to cover tuition fees, they do not generally cover a student’s living expenses. One way to get around this hassle and make ends meet is to work part-time. International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week to ease their pockets and have some social time.

Having part-time jobs and balancing them with your studies can prove to be very beneficial. Here’s a complete guide to knowing more about jobs in the UK for international students!

Rules For Part-Time Jobs In The UK
To be completely honest, finding part-time jobs for international students in the early days is difficult but not impossible. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go out to search for job opportunities, which will surely make it easier for you!

  • You need to apply for a National Insurance Number (NINO) to be eligible to work in the UK. However, you do not need to have received NINO before you start work and can start even if you have just applied for it. Applying for NINO is easy. You can just do it via your phone.
  • The work that you do must be legal and authorized.
  • You can only work 20 hours a week as an international student in the UK.
  • You can work full-time only during holidays like Christmas or Easter and summer breaks.
  • Students are accountable for paying taxes and National Insurance (NI). Students with incomes between £166 and £962 a week will have to pay 12% of their income for NI. Similarly, students with earnings above £892 a week are charged 2% tax.
  • Self-employment in works like freelance jobs is not allowed.
  • International students in the UK are not allowed to work in professional sports or as private entertainers.

[Note: Additional information and limitations that have not been mentioned above will be printed out on your Tier 4 visa sticker.]

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